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  1. True Spec Home Inspections says:

    As the owner of a home inspection company I see a lot of roofs. Since Mr Roof is the biggest roofer I see alot of their work. Typically I know within seconds if it is a MR Roof roof job. The shingles are a little thicker, the flashing metal is thicker, and just the way they install their products, it is cut above. I know that they transfer theri waranty because I often find that the buyer asks about that as I do not know of another roofer that is willing to do that. The owner of Mr Roof told me that it is a big selling point to have a Mr Roof warranty and since they believe they install the best roof, why shouldn’t they stand behind it regardless of who owns it. Makes sense to me.

  2. Ted Williams says:

    I had a small problem with Mr Roof. You see, when I got home from a business trip I had discovered that I gave them my garage door opener so they could get into my garage attic to install a power vent. I came home about 11:30 p.m. and discovered that I could not get into my garage. I was freaking out because I have not used a key to get into my house for years. I called the Mr Roof number, and a live person picked up. Even though it was a professional answering service they told me that Mr Roof always has someone on call. I got a call back 5 minutes later from Scott. He told me that he would find out and call me back. Within a few minutes I got a call back from Scott telling me exactly where the garaged door opener was. 11:30 p.m. and my roofer was calling me back. That is why I took the time to write – if I had a major problem I think I could count on Mr Roof , day or night. TED

  3. Night Owl says:

    I work for a home improvement company that installs sun rooms. We use Mr Roof to tie in our sunrooms to the existing roof. This can be a tricky installation and Mr Roof has a lot of good guys working for them. I recommend Jeff Melenchek do the work as he knows his stuff, but, we have had other guys out and they are pretty good too. We have used other roofers and they never come back if there is a problem. At least we know Mr Roof wil come back if there is a problem.

  4. Mary Jo Ferguson says:

    I had a lawsuit against my last roofer as he was a storm chaser. I spent almost $3000 in legal fees and finally he just never showed up in court. I got a judgment but can;t collect since he changed company names, like 3 times since he did my roof. Beware of a guy by the name of Ferrel Holiday. He will steal you blind!
    Sorry to rant, but Mr ROOF ended up fixing our roof after that ordeal. It is good to hear that MR ROOF honors their warranty and actually calls you back.

  5. Theona Horath says:

    Mr Roof did my roof in 1996. This year we had one of the worst snowstorms ever dumping almost 2 feet on my roof. I had a leak and called Mr Roof – they actually called me back! 13 years after my roof was completed it took them 5 minutes to call me back … 9:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. It turned out to be an ice dam build up where the gutters were clogged. No big deal. My roof is guranteed for as long as I live in my home. No complaints from this homeowner!

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