Consumer Comments on Mr Roof


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7 Responses to Consumer Comments on Mr Roof

  1. Rongo P says:

    They pay $250 for a referral. The sales guy mentioned it to me when he was at my house and I referred 2 neighbors that bought roofs from tehm. Mr Roof actually sent me $500 and then gave each neighbor $250 off too. I think that is a pretty good deal and I dod not feel guilty since my neighbors saved money too.

  2. Candy T says:

    Mr Roof did my roof 4 years ago and our roof is fine. There was a little piece of shingle sticking up and we called on a Saturday to leave a message. They actually picked up the phone and scheduled a time with us ( i.e. not an answering machine or service ). The came out the next day and it was a 5 minute adjustment. I think these guys have their act together.

  3. Rock M says:

    We had 3 estimates and Mr Roof was not the lowest. But they were in the middle and we are totally happy we chose them as the lowest price guy is out of business! We did have Mr Roof come back and install some siding for us on our garage. So far so good.

  4. Dianne L says:

    Mr. Roof left the gate open and our dogs got out. I was not real happy when that happened. I told them to not leave the gate open as I let my dogs in and out all day. The president of Mr Roof came out to my house and appologized. Fortunately my dogs came back when they got hungry. The roof is fine but I am still a little mad about my dogs getting out! The estimator brought 3 rawhide chews 2 weeks later to help make it right – my dogs were happy to see him for sure!

  5. Cheryl W says:

    I thought the guy who came to my house was very knowledgable. This was our first roof and we had heard that roofer’s were somewhat flakey. Mr Roof operates like a real business. Our roof is great!

  6. Bertha A says:

    I complained to the owner because I did not like their advertisement. They had an elderly woman hit a roofer over the head with an umbrella. I thought it was in poor taste. The owner actually talked to me and was interested in my opinion and told me that they had received another comment similar to mine and thanked me for sharing my feelings. I did notice that they have stopped using that commercial. My grandson saw the commercial too and thought it was funny. Must be a generational thing. I see a lot of Mr Roof signs in my neighborhood so they must be doing something right.

  7. Stephen W says:

    I liked the commercial with the old lady hitting the roofer wit hthe umbrella. I am 42 years old and I suppose if I was 80 I might not. It reminded me of the Wendy’s ad “Where’s the Beef” – I don’t think anyone was offended by that ad. I think Mr Roof stopped running the ad as I have not seen it for a while. My parents used Mr Roof and got a good senior citizen discount if that’s worth mentioning ;-)

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